Ka Band Monopulse Cassegrain Antenna: Model SAY-3433632750-28-U5-MP

Source: SAGE Millimeter, Inc.

SAGE Millimeter offers the Model SAY-3433632750-28-U5-MP monopulse Cassegrain antenna designed to operate in the 34 to 36 GHz frequency range with a half-power beam width of 5.0 degrees. It is ideally suited for use in 5G systems, as well as many types of communication and radar systems.

The monopulse Cassegrain antenna features a nominal gain of 27 dBi in the sum port, and 21 dBi in the H-port and V-port. The antenna has three WR-28 waveguides with UG-599/U compatible flanges, which are designated as Sum Port, V-Port, and H-Port. The antenna can support linear polarized waveforms and is designed and manufactured for indoor applications.

For additional features and specifications on the Model SAY-3433632750-28-U5-MP, download the datasheet.