News | November 26, 2019

Italian National Institute For Astro Physics Designs Innovative Phased Arrays For Radio Astronomy Applications

The Italian National Institute for Astro Physics of the Institute of Radio Astronomy (INAF-IRA) used NI AWR software to design the circuitry of the receiver chains for a multi-channel heterodyne receiver antenna for radio astronomy applications operating across the 2.3–8.2 GHz RF band. The AXIEM 3D EM planar simulator was used to simulate the electromagnetic (EM) response of all interconnecting transmission lines and distributed bandpass filters (BPFs). Microwave Office circuit design software was employed to optimize the overall performance of the entire receiver chain of a printed circuit board (PCB) populated with surface-mount technology (SMT) components. 

“The test results for our 32-channel receivers performed well and according to specification,” said Scalambra Alessandro and Navarrini Alessandro of INAF. “Our success is due in part to the innovative capabilities in NI AWR software for the design and EM verification of the filters and splitters in the antenna PCBs.” 

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Source: National Instruments