Internet of Things Solutions

Source: Altair Engineering Inc

Altair offers their scalable design platform for shortening design efforts along product and services digitalization while minimizing overall costs. Altair IoT solutions help accelerate growth in developing new services, improve productivity, increase flexibility, and optimize overall global efficiency.

Design Efficiently

Altair’s design communities deliver efficient collaborative simulation solutions to implement proficient digitalization strategies. The revolutionary licensing model facilitates access to trusted multi-domains. This enables engineers to address typical IoT design challenges, including programming and customization, interconnections with seamless connectivity, advanced sensing and actuating functions, cutting-edge energy management, and miniaturization, while remaining competitively priced and reliable, even in harsh environments.

Connect & Manage

The integration of M2M specially distributed smart autonomous devices in an industrial network requires communication means analysis systems to remain reliable once installed. Altair offers solutions for analyzing network connectivity according to protocols and used technologies that can define best sensor networks, connectivity,  path losses, probability of failure nodes, and more.

Control, Decide, and Develop Your Value Proposition

Exponential growth of smart devices generating big data requires adapted tools to efficiently extract useful insights, get the most value from them, and make the necessary decisions which can have a big impact on efficiency, productivity, costs, and safety.

Classical functions such as aggregation, storage, data visualization and dashboarding are important aspects of any IoT platform related to the activity of the connected devices. Altair’s scalable and constantly evolving cloud based solutions can be employed to predict device failures and to prescribe preventive actions based on sensor data patterns.

Flexible, intuitive and collaborative yet powerful and secure, the BI platform will be a key to transform your business model and user experience.

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