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07.09.24 -- Innovative Solutions For mmWave Challenges | Overcoming Load Pull Measurement Challenges | Antenna Selection By Application


The 13th Annual Military Tactical Communications Summit will bring together top experts and decision makers from the DoD, Military Services, Industry, and Academia for comprehensive discussions focused on upgrading tactical communications and improving network capabilities to support the Joint Force. The 2024 Summit will aim to advance rapid, resilient, affordable, and unified communication capabilities to enable sustained mission success across all domain.


Revolutionizing 5G: Innovative Solutions For mmWave Challenges

5G mmWave is a powerful technology that offers unprecedented speeds and capacity, but its effective integration requires careful planning, beamforming, and a mix of frequency bands.


Overcoming Load Pull Measurement Challenges At mmWave Frequencies

Unlock the potential of 5G millimeter-wave technology with insights into passive on-wafer load pull measurements. Discover optimized solutions for enhanced performance in 5G infrastructure.

How To Select Power Amplifiers For High-Frequency mmWave Applications

Explore some of the challenges in finding reliable power amplifiers that operate at high frequencies and how SWaP-C and lead time challenges can be addressed.


RF Components For Radar: Duplexing

Delving into duplexing methods for radar systems, explore the advantages of employing either circulator and hybrid coupler setups or single pole double throw switches (SPDT).

Antenna Selection By Application

Discover how antennas—from loop for magnetic fields to high-power for immunity—ensure accurate EMC testing across diverse applications and standards like MIL-STD, IEC, and CISPR.

Characterizing Polymer Material Properties For Automotive Applications

Explore a simplified method for material characterization in the automotive radar frequency domain (76 GHz to 81 GHz) using the R&S®QAR50 automotive radome tester.


VIAVI Selects ETS-Lindgren To Deliver Anechoic Chamber For Massive MIMO OTA Testing

KRYTAR Announces Directional Coupler Operating In The Wideband Frequency Range

Advanced Energy's Impedance Matching Network Provides RF-Synchronized Tuning

Xpeedic Releases EDA 2024 Platforms To Accelerate Next-Gen Electronic Products

Rohde & Schwarz Joins AI-RAN Alliance

RAPA Establishes Anritsu 5G-Advanced & 6G Test Lab

GRF Sampling High Linearity Gain Block, Boosting Performance Over Wideband Amplifier

Pasternack Rolls Out 45-Degree-Angle Adapters For In-Series Connections, 1.85 mm

Amphenol RF Expands Connectivity Solutions With RP-TNC Connector Configurations

Cambium Networks' PMP 450v Achieves Full FCC Certification

Honeywell To Acquire CAES To Enhance Defense Technologies


Upcoming Webinar: Overview Of XFdtd's Schematic Editor And Optimization For Matching Network Design

Join XFdtd's product team for a comprehensive overview of XFdtd's schematic editor, including recent updates like optimization of component values, impedance and aperture tuners with tune codes, and system efficiency results.


Mastering 5G Reliability: Safeguarding Your Network Infrastructure

5G promises unprecedented speed, lower latency, and more capabilities to support new and emerging technologies. However, protecting the 5G network infrastructure brings additional cybersecurity challenges, requiring operators and other communications industry professionals to plan additional safeguards. Having the dangers of the 5G infrastructure explained in clear language allows proactivity and avoids vulnerabilities.


DC To 70 GHz Chip Scale Package Limiter: HLM-70CSP2

The HLM-70CSP2 is a high-linearity GaAs Schottky diode signal limiter featuring high IP3 over a broad DC to 70 GHz bandwidth. It offers low insertion loss and excellent return loss.

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Marki Microwave

20 To 520 MHz, 170 W+ Solid-State, High-Power Amplifier: AMP1014C

The AMP1014C solid-state, high-power amplifier is a robust solution for various modulation standards. Its Class AB linear LDMOS design ensures reliability and wide bandwidth.

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