White Paper

In-Building Propagation Measurements For Fifth-Generation Mobile Communication Technologies (5G)

Source: Anritsu Company

Spectrum regulators have recently needed to open up new spectrum in order to support the growth of high speed data. Nearly 11 GHz of spectrum has recently been opened in the mmWave frequency range. Users will now expect their devices operating within this new spectrum to function similarly to their current devices, and M2M devices will need to work in closets and cabinets inside buildings. Few studies have been done on in-building propagation, so Anritsu now offers the MG369xC Series Signal Generators and MS2720T Series of portable spectrum analyzers covering the new 5G frequencies up to 40 GHz. This white paper provides an overview on the procedures to make mmWave in-building 5G propagation predictions and measurements. Download the full article for more.