High-Reliability Space VCXO Standard

Source: Vectron International

High-Reliability Space VCXO Standard

Vectron has released the DOC206218, Rev A, which is the latest Hi-Rel Standard to be added to their current VCXO space portfolio. This document replaces the legacy VX-509 with the model 5116 platform and enables customers to specify component pedigree and quality assurance requirements with a 15-digit catalog part number.

This standard VCXO supports a 1 MHz to 85 MHz frequency range with typical phase noise performance of -167 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz. Ideal applications for these VXCOs include manned space flight, deep space exploration, defense satellites, commercial satellites, scientific satellites, and ground based ICBM silos.

Features for the new standard include:

  • Package: 9 x14mm J-lead SMT
  • Frequency range: 1MHz to 85MHz
  • Supply: 3.3V or 5.0V
  • Absolute pull range: as wide as +/-50ppm
  • Excellent phase noise performance
  • Utilizes a 4-point crystal mount
  • Radiation tolerant to 100krads (Si) TID

Download the space VCXO standard DOC206218, Rev A for more information.