High Power Attenuators

High Power Attenuators

The CPI Beverly Microwave Division (BMD) offers a line of high power attenuators with frequencies available in the L, S, C, X, Ku, and Ka bands. Each device features an integrated design that uses a mixture of electrical and mechanical tools to optimize performance, weight, heat transfer, and mechanical stability under harsh environmental conditions.

Available with waveguide or coax interfaces, the high power attenuators feature low insertion loss, the option of digital or analog control, linearized RF attenuation, and fast switching time. Other benefits include the integration of limiter functionality as needed, and the integration of out of band filter rejection. Each design utilizes proven technology to develop a custom module around specific requirements for many applications including those that use missile seekers, airborne radar, EW, unmanned aerial vehicles, and air traffic control.

Download the datasheet for more features, specifications, and benefits for using these high power attenuators.

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