News | April 28, 2010

High Millimeter Waves Well Represented At ARMMS RF And Microwave Conference

RF Waveform Engineering is the creation of specific non-linear conditions on the terminals of a microwave power device. The technique employs active load pull and provides a method to optimise power devices for linearity and efficiency. At the recent ARMMS RF and Microwave Society conference, Professor Paul Tasker of the University of Cardiff described RF Waveform Engineering to a gathering of 52 engineers with a interest in the latest techniques in RF and Microwave technology.

ARMMS chairman Roger Hopper opened the conference, and went on to describe the opportunities in the field and emphasised the necessity to share knowledge. Fifteen presentations were made over two days, addressing a range of topics and covering high millimetre waves particularly. Fabrication technologies and devices for 77GHz operation were described in detail along with applications such as automotive radar. Nurul Osman of the University of Surrey described free-space measurements of material dielectric properties in the 145GHz to 200GHz range.

In a very clear paper John Lillington of Libra Design explained the design options for a 100kHz to 6GHz fast tuning receiver. The target cost of less than £1,000 was achieved by a switched filter architecture; the final realised design solution was displayed as part of the associated exhibition. A delegate vote at the close of the conference made John the winner of the best paper award.

Austin Harney of Analog Devices was unable to attend due to difficulties in travel from Ireland. He did however make his presentation remotely, on signal source technology for the Advanced Driver Assistance System, which was much appreciated by the delegates.

John Crute of The Technology Academy was elected as chairman to follow Roger Hopper at the business meeting. ARMMS RF and Microwave Society is non-profit organisation run by volunteers for the benefit of the RF and Microwave design community. The treasurer explained that funds permit the creation of a Best Student Paper Award, which will fund a student to make a presentation at the next ARMMS conference in November 2010.

To book a place at the next conference go to where past technical papers are available to download.

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