50 to 1500 MHz, 20 dB Gain, High Linearity Wideband LNA: µHILNA™


NuWaves’ µHILNA™ is a high linearity, wideband LNA (low noise amplifier) with a form factor of 1.00″ x 0.75″ x 0.50”. In addition to its miniature size, the LNA features reverse voltage protection, a ruggedized, fully characterized assembly, application diverstity, high intercept, a wide dynamic range and wide operational voltage range, multi-octave frequency coverage, reverse voltage protection, low cost, and much more.

One of the main features of this low noise amplifier (LNA) besides its small size is the diverse range of ideal applications. It can be used as an LNA for cellular base stations, in military radios, high performance receivers, test and measurement applications, in UAV platforms and applications, in ultra low noise applications, high linearity applications, university research, to increase link margin in radio systems, and many more.

The µHILNA™ Low Noise Amplifier operates from 50 MHz to 1500 MHz delivering 20 dB of gain, less than 1 dB of Noise Figure, with an IP3 of +31 dBm.  The µHILNA™ is provided in a miniature package and can be mounted to other hardware chassis using #2 hardware.

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