High Linearity Gain Block Amplifiers With Broadband Compressed Output Power

Source: Guerrilla RF

High Linearity Gain Block Amplifiers With Broadband Compressed Output Power

Guerrilla RF Inc. offers two new models of high linearity gain block amplifiers featuring a combination of simple-application schematics, flat gain, and high compressed output power with operation in the DC to 4 GHz frequency range. The GRF2012 and GRF 2013 models include flexible biasing for high levels of re-use within single designs and multiple platforms. They are ideally used as cost-effective pre-drivers for broadband GaN high power amplifiers, and for many other general purpose, high performance gain block applications.

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The GRF2012 and GRF2013 provide consistent, broadband, compressed output power over +25 dB with their flexible biasing and Vdd capabilities up to 8 V. Guerrilla RF also offers SOT-89 variants of the GRF2012 and GRF2013. These SOT-89 variants offer similar broadband compressed output power capability as compared to the GRF2012/2013 devices, and can also be used as drop-in replacements for industry standard SOT-89 gain blocks while offering superior performance.

For more information on the GRF2012 and GRF2013 models, download the respective datasheets.

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