High Frequency Electromagnetic Software: Sonnet Professional Suite (Release 15)

Source: Sonnet Software

High Frequency Electromagnetic Software

Sonnet’s high frequency electromagnetic (EM) software can be used in the analysis of microwave circuit discontinuities, arbitrary microstrip and stripline circuits, planar (patch) antennas, planar spiral inductors, RFIC and MMIC circuits, multi-layer circuits like LTCC and PCB technology, planar filter analysis, and high density interconnects.

The Sonnet Professional Suite Release 15 EM Software puts fabrication-accurate high frequency electromagnetic extraction models into your EDA design flow. Several new features are now available with Release 15, including:

Multi-level Co-calibrated™ Ports and Components

V15 extends the capability of internal Co-Calibrated Ports and Components by giving you the ability to fully deembed
them on different metal levels. This allows you to apply them in tight, multilayer layouts where vertically stacked Co-Calibrated Ports or Components are required. Typical applications include port connections for transistor devices or MIM/MOM capacitors.

Cadence® Interface Enhancements

The Cadence Virtuoso® Interface has undergone an extensive redesign to streamline the process of obtaining your EM results. Save time and effort with the most frequently used features on the main dialog box with settings in an intuitive format which mimics your design process. With just a few mouse clicks, this Cadence redesign allows for complete translation and model results.

Streamlined DXF/GDSII/Gerber Translator GUI

You will have intuitive control of the translation process in V15, with a new design of the GDSII, DXF and Gerber translator GUIs. Newly added features, including circuit placement, box size, and cell size controls will make it easier to bring your designs into the Sonnet environment.

Simplified Layout Editing

In this release, we are providing you with many time-saving features that will allow you to:

  • Easily draw and edit diagonal polygons
  • Quickly modify objects by dragging edges or vertices
  • Effortlessly set analysis box size
  • Add a feed line with just one click
  • Precisely select objects with object highlighting

For additional information on these new features, download the datasheet, or watch the video on the new features of version 15.