High Dynamic Range RF Downconverter: ConvertaWave™

Source: NuWaves RF Solutions

This RF Downconverter covers the 225-500 MHz frequency range and is ideal for applications that involve waveform receivers, RF signal receivers, RF frequency conversion, software defined radios, test bed developments, and more.

The ConvertaWaveTM is a robust RF downconverter that provides superior rejection of out-of-band signals, Automatic Gain Control (AGC)/Manual Gain Control (MGC) operation, and operation over VHF and UHF frequencies in 100 kHz steps. It features a simple user interface control, a small size (6.5’ x 4.0’ x 0.70’), +12 VDC operation, a sleep mode, configuration storage, and more. This downconverter has a system noise figure under 5 dB, and a local oscillator with extremely low phase noise. Download the datasheet for more information.