HFWorks: Powerful 3D High Frequency Simulation Inside SolidWorks®

Source: ElectroMagneticWorks, Inc.
HFWorks: Powerful 3D High Frequency Simulation Inside SolidWorks®
At ElectroMagneticWorks, we work hard to bring you the power and accuracy of vector finite elements in a CAD environment that makes building a CAD model the easiest it can be. Our products are tailored to electrical and electronic engineers to allow them to focus on design and not struggle with CAD!

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HFWorks combines the leading SolidWorks CAD software with the powerful vector finite element method in the industry's easiest to use package. ElectroMagneticWorks is the only provider of electromagnetic simulation software that runs inside SolidWorks for high frequency, as well as low frequency, applications. HFWorks is gold certified by the SolidWorks Corporation.

Software Features:

SolidWorks Integration
Simply put, you will be using the no. 1 CAD package to build your models, simulate their electromagnetic performance and optimize them without ever leaving SolidWorks. What this means to you is:

  • using the easiest to learn CAD environment for electrical engineers
  • considerably shortened model building times
  • building real models ready for manufacturing
  • sharing models across departments/disciplines
  • using design tables, parameterization and multi-configurations for design of experiment studies, investigating design alternatives and for optimization
  • accessing a multi-physics-ready platform: perform electromagnetic, thermal, stress, vibration, fluid-flow, etc. analyses on the same model all inside SolidWorks by combining HFWorks, EMS and SolidWorks Simulation
  • using SolidWorks' import capabilities to import CAD models from virtually any other CAD product
  • SolidWorks Gold Certification guarantees you the highest level of integration in SolidWorks and compliance with SolidWorks integration standards

Powerful Vector Finite Elements Engine
HFWorks uses the powerful vector Finite Elements Method so that you may easily handle:

  • arbitrarily complex 3D geometries
  • arbitrary material combinations
  • isotropic/anisotropic materials

HFWorks also features:
  • both direct and iterative solvers
  • an adaptive fast-frequency solver that provides accurate results over very wide frequency bands
  • a TDR calculator for time domain responses
  • standard lumped port and lumped component modeling capabilities
  • lossy conductor modeling, including surface roughness effects
  • a standard and extensive built-in library of materials with user definable libraries
  • advanced mesh controls and smart meshing technology for automated optimal meshing
  • a powerful post-processor loaded with unique features and various data export capabilities
  • a built-in automated report generator with built-in report viewers that makes documenting your work extremely easy
  • smart material identification that allows you to work with complex CAD assemblies including conductors without a need to simplify the model
  • batch processing of multiple simulations to run design of experiment and optimization studies efficiently
  • optional electro-thermal simulation

A Great User-Interface
HFWorks' user interface is powerful, intelligent and easy to use. Even non-specialists can quickly learn how to use it and obtain valuable results in a short time. Some of the interface's features include:

  • a study-based interface offering three types of analysis to streamline your work
  • an intelligent menuing system that auto-customizes to each study type to reduce menu cluttering
  • use of metallic materials to automate boundary condition definition
  • robust automatic meshing and mesh controls give full control over meshing for one pass solution
  • drag and drop functionality within a single study and between studies to duplicate material properties and boundary conditions
  • cloning of studies allows you to inherit material properties, boundary conditions, meshing and results – change only the parameters you need in the cloned study and re-simulate in no time
  • study report viewing inside SolidWorks

A complete set of simulation options in one package
HFWorks offers a complete suite of 3 solvers to cover all your high frequency analysis needs in one package:

  • S-parameters: to compute S-parameters of any passive single or multi-port structure. This includes generalized multi-mode multi-port parameters.
  • Antennas: to compute radiation patterns and various antenna parameters for any radiating structure.
  • Resonance: to compute resonance frequencies and resonance modes for arbitrary 3D structures.

Sample Software Applications:

  • Connectors, cables and cable assemblies
  • Printed circuit board designs
  • Packaging
  • Antennas
  • Waveguides and waveguide assemblies
  • IC components and signal integrity
  • Inductors, Capacitors and Resistors
  • Filters and Cavities

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