News | September 14, 2022

Hexagon | VERIPOS Releases Next-Generation Quantum Software With Added Interference Resiliency

Added GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) enhances VERIPOS assured positioning for marine oil and gas applications

Aberdeen, United Kingdom (PRWEB) - Hexagon | VERIPOS is proud to introduce version 7 of its Quantum software incorporating GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) firmware from Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division to enhance resistance to interference, jamming and spoofing threats. Quantum software optimises positioning for marine oil and gas applications, dynamic positioning, offshore construction, hydrographic survey and more. With the added situational awareness capabilities of GRIT, Quantum ensures users’ positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) are reliable, robust and protected against GNSS outages to keep operations safe and working.

As the radio frequency (RF) spectrum continues to become crowded and vessels rely on multiple RF-based systems, the risk of unintentional interference increases. Further, intentional interference like jamming and spoofing where false GNSS signals are provided lead to an unreliable and untrustworthy position. With GRIT firmware, Quantum empowers users to visualise, monitor and quantify interference sources affecting GNSS receiver performance in real-time, including tools alerting when spoofing may be occurring.

With the added interference and spoofing capabilities, Quantum monitors positioning status in real-time with enhanced situational awareness of the local RF environment on a vessel. Operations continue through interference and GNSS outages with vessel and crew remaining safe as work progresses.

“As we see more instances of interference, jamming and spoofing at sea, it becomes more important than ever to build resiliency and robustness into our positioning solutions to guarantee the safety of marine operations,” said Dr. David Russell, marine segment manager at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. “Integrating leading Hexagon technology into the VERIPOS portfolio brings the highest quality solutions to our end users.”

GRIT is a non-controlled interference and spoofing detection solution requiring Quantum version 7 plus a firmware upgrade for the LD900 and LD8 VERIPOS receivers. This integration ensures trustworthy positioning, navigation and timing measurements through proven situational awareness and interference mitigation for operational safety of users’ applications, vessel and crew. To learn more, contact a VERIPOS sales representative or visit

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