HEVC Software CODEC "HEVC-1000 SDK"

Source: NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

The HEVC-1000 SDK is a software development kit that provides functionality for H.265/HEVC video encoding and decoding.  It provides approximately twice the compression performance as H.264/AVC with the same video image quality, which reduces bandwidth and file size by 50%.

The HEVC-1000 SDK uses the recently developed H.265/HEVC video compression standard.  Our HEVC CODEC was developed by NTT Media Intelligence Laboratories, and has world class, high quality video images and high compression HEVC coding algorithms.

The HEVC-1000 software development kit is used to create applications that highly compress video.  Network operators and end users will benefit from lower bandwidth requirements for mobile devices to 4K televisions.


  • Video Conversion
  • Authoring Software for Editing Video Data
  • 4K Video Distribution
  • Video Delivery to Mobile Devices
  • Digital Signage Systems


  • HEVC elementary stream I/O (Annex. B form)
  • CBR rate control / VBR rate control
  • Automatic scene change detection and key-frame insert specification
  • Frame reference structure specification
  • Pre-filter control
  • Progressive / interlace structural compatibility
  • Parallel encoding by slice structure and LCU pipeline
  • Adaptive-quantization matrix
  • DeBlocking Filter / SAO Filter Control