Hermetic Ceramic Packaged Silicon PIN Diode Devices: APD Series

Hermetic Ceramic Packaged Silicon PIN Diode Devices: APD Series

Skywork’s Isolink APD Series is made up of silicon PIN diodes designed for use as switch and attenuator devices in high-performance RF and microwave circuits. Operating over the wide frequency range from 100 MHz to over 20 GHz with voltage ratings up to 200 V, these devices use a well-established silicon technology that results in PIN diodes with tightly controlled I-region characteristics.

The models APD0505 through APD1520 feature low capacitance and low resistance for switch applications that require insertion loss and fast switching speed. The thick I-region and high reverse breakdown voltage of the APD2220 is ideal for switch or attenuator applications requiring high power and low distortion. Each PIN diode is housed in hermetic ceramic packaging.

For more information on the APD Series of PIN diodes, download the datasheet.

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