Handheld Vector Network Analyzers

Source: Anritsu Company

Handheld Vector Network Analyzers

Anritsu Company presents a series of handheld vector network analyzers designed to test and troubleshoot devices, as well as provide lab quality measurements such as magnitude, phase of return loss, bandwidth, and impedance all within a single highly-portable device. With the industry’s best in-class dynamic ranges, calibration, measurement stability and measurement speed, these VNAs are ideal for many applications including wireless communications, remote sensing, radar, and other applications involving passive component testing, troubleshooting, and systems integration.

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Vector Network Analyzer: MS2024B VNA Master

  • 2-port, 1-path Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with convenient Touch Screen
  • IF Bandwidth selections of 10 Hz to 100 kHz

Vector Network Analyzer (VNA): C Series

  • Broadest frequency range of 5 kHz to up to 20 GHz in a handheld VNA
  • Four models – 2 MS202xC vector network analyzers and 2 MS203xC combination vector network/spectrum analyzers
  • Fastest sweep update rate in any handheld VNA of 350 usec/pt

P25/NXDN/DMR/WiMAX/LTE Analyzer: S412E LMR Master

  • Ideal instrument for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Public Safety Systems
  • Equipped with a vector network analyzer and spectrum analyzer
  • 500 kHz to 1600 MHz frequency range