gMOT - Compact Grating Magneto-Optical Trap


The gMOT device is a compact, portable grating magneto-optical trap capable of trapping 6 million alkali-metal atoms with temperatures below 10 microkelvin demonstrated.

It provides a precision sensing capability in applications ranging from academic research to civilian and defence applications.The device makes use of the latest advances in microfabricated silicon etching technology to manufacture the patented gMOT grating design. It also employs novel vacuum engineering and optical design to provide a portable and rugged ultra-high vacuum device. The module can be supplied with a laser system as standard but comes without, so the customer can choose to integrate the device into an existing set-up with their own laser system.

The device will be supplied with a 15 W USB-C power supply as a standard prime power source. The MOT lifetime is indefinite when the ion-pump is operational. When the ion-pump is turned off, the lifetime of the MOT remains operational for greater than 10 days. These devices are delivered to agreed acceptance test procedures to meet customer requirements.

Communications & Power Industries