2 – 20 GHz, 10 Watt GaN Amplifier: TGA2962

Source: Qorvo

Qorvo offers the TGA2962 wideband power amplifier MMIC covering the 2 – 20 GHz frequency range for communication systems, electronic warfare, radar, and test equipment applications. The TGA2962 provides 10 W of saturated power with 13 dB large signal gain and 22 % power-added efficiency at 22 V drain bias. RF ports are matched to 50 Ω, including integrated DC blocking capacitors and a RF choke.

The TGA2962 features combination of wideband power, gain and efficiency provides system designers the flexibility to improve system performance while reducing size and cost. The amplifier is 100% DC and RF tested on-wafer to ensure compliance to electrical specifications.

For additional features and specifications on the TGA2962, download the datasheet.