Silicon Switches (100 MHz to 44 GHz ): ADRF5042 | ADRF5043

Source: Analog Devices

The ADRF5042 and ADRF5043 from Analog Devices are nonreflective SP4T switches, manufactured in the silicon on insulator (SOI) process. The ADRF5042 is pin compatible with the ADRF5043 low frequency cutoff version, which operates from 9 kHz to 44 GHz.


The ADRF5042 and ADRF5043 come in a 24-terminal, 3 mm × 3 mm, RoHS compliant, land grid array (LGA) package and can operate from −40°C to +105°C. 

Application Uses Include:

  • Industrial scanners
  • Test and instrumentation
  • Cellular infrastructure: 5G mmWave
  • Military radios, radars, electronic counter measures (ECMs)
  • Microwave radios and very small aperture terminals (VSATs)

For more information, download the available datasheets.