26.5 – 41 GHz Ka-Band Power Amplifier: SBP-2734132530-KFKF-E1-HR

Source: Eravant (Formerly SAGE Millimeter, Inc.)

The Model SBP-2734132530-KFKF-E1-HR from SAGE Millimeter is a power amplifier operating in the 26.5 to 41 GHz frequency range that is ideally used for applications utilizing radar systems, communication systems, and testing equipment.

This Ka-band power amplifier features a small signal gain of 25 dB, a typical P1dB of +30 dBm across the frequency range, and a DC power requirement of +8 VDC/3000 mA. The input and output port configurations are both female 2.92 mm (K) connectors.

For additional features, specifications, and operational parameters, download the available datasheet.