0.5 – 18 GHz High Performance Receiver: QR026

Source: Teledyne Microwave Solutions

0.5 – 18 GHz High Performance Receiver: QR026

Teledyne’s QR026 is a high performance receiver designed to offer wide and synthesized capabilities from 500 MHz to 18 GHz, and frequency extensions up to 40 GHz. Its modular architecture allows it to be configured as a single, dual, triple, or quad channel unit, which can be used in many applications including electronic intelligence, electronic support measures, defensive aids suites, and combined ELINT/ESM sensors within ground, airborne, and naval environments.

The QR026 receiver provides IF outputs at 960 and 160 MHz, with user selectable IF bandwidths available, and provides pre-selection selectivity without the drawbacks of slow tune speeds and high DC power requirements of conventional YIG based receivers. This device is capable of tuning speeds of greater than 125 µsec over the full tuning range. The temperature compensated unit exhibits low noise figure, high IP3 performance and consumes more than 80 Watts in single channel configuration.

For more features, specifications, and electrical performance graphs, download the datasheet.