67 GHz / 80 Gbps Snap-on Connectors: MMPX Series


67 GHz / 80 Gbps Snap-on Connectors: MMPX Series Image

The MMPX series of snap-on connectors is ideal for integration into coaxial-to-PCB systems for operating frequencies up to 67 GHz and data rates up to 80 Gbps. These snap-on connectors feature excellent return loss and shielding, broadband characteristics from DC to 67 GHz, a mechanically robust design, true 67 GHz/80 Gbps coaxial-to-PCB transition, and more. The size, performance, and broadband characteristics of these connectors make them ideal for high speed digital testing and radio frequency testing (60 GHz WPAN), industrial, mobile communication, and space/defense markets.

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The MMPX series of snap-on connectors are ideal for a variety of applications due to their unique electrical and mechanical specifications. The minimal pitch on boards of 5.08 mm (0.2 inch) saves expensive board material and saves a significant amount of space. Quick and reliable mating is made possible because the snap-on mechanism in the MMPX connectors are decoupled from the electrical path. Additional information can be found on the datasheet.

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