GaN Wideband Transistor: MAGX-011086

Source: MACOM
GaN Wideband Transistor: MAGX-011086

The MAGX-011086 is a wideband transistor optimized for operations in DC - 6 GHz. This GaN HEMT is made with operating output power levels of 4W (36 dBm) in an industry standard, low inductance, and a surface mount QFN package.

The MAGX-011086 is specifically designed for saturated and linear operation in high bandwidth applications such as Wireless LAN, High Dynamic Range LNS’s land mobile radio, defense communications, wireless infrastructure, and ISM.

MAGX-011086 Features Include:

  • GaN on Si HEMT D-Mode Transistor
  • 28 V Operation
  • 9 dB Gain at 5.8 GHz
  • 100% RF Tested

For more product features, specifications, and schematics, download the datasheet, or contact MACOM.