GaN S-Band 50Ω Transistor: IGT2731M130

Source: Integra Technologies, Inc.

GaN S-Band 50Ω Transistor: IGT2731M130

Integra Technologies introduces IGT2731M130 transistor with GaN on SiC HEMT technology, and exhibits 16 dB typical gain and 50% drain efficiency. It is ideal for applications operating in the 2.7-3.1 GHz frequency range. This depletion mode device is 100% high power RF tested in a 50Ω RF test fixture.

The S-band transistor is an internally impedance matched device, and is included with depletion mode. It is housed in a metal based package sealed with a ceramic-epoxy lid.

Additional features include:

  • POUT-PK = 130W @ 300ms/10%/50V
  • Power Gain: 16.0 dB (typical)
  • Package Size: W=0.800″ (20.32mm), L=0.400″ (10.16mm)
  • 100% High Power RF Tested in BroadbandRF Test Fixture

For more specifications on the GaN S-band 50Ω transistor, download the datasheet.