Datasheet | February 6, 2018

GaN Based Hub-Mount Block Up Converters: SSPB-3010Ka Series Datasheet

Source: Advantech Wireless

The SSPB-3010Ka series comprises GaN based hub-mount block up converters designed to receive frequencies from 950 to 2000 (L-band) and up convert them to 28.5 to 31 GHz frequencies. These solid state amplifiers offer output powers from 100 W to 125 W, high linearity, and very low spectrum regrowth. With an included power supply, phase-locked oscillator, mixer, filter, and cooling mechanism, the integrated units are optimized for outdoor operation, especially in high power and up-link frequency applications. For more information on the SSPB-3010Ka series of block up converters, download the above datasheet.