News | May 23, 2012

Galtronics Offers DAS Installers Flexibility With Above & Through Ceiling Mounting

PEAR antenna line offers above, through and below installation for soft and hard ceilings; supports building aesthetics and wireless performance requirements.

To create positive customer experiences, building owners and facility managers are focused on providing end users with better wireless coverage and expanded services from mobile operators. DAS solutions support this demand, but also present a challenge for adhering to interior aesthetic and design requirements for the building.

Galtronics’ PEAR DAS in-building antenna line, showcased recently at DAS Congress in Las Vegas, provides the solution through installation flexibility that minimizes the visible size of the antenna or even conceals it from public view. Galtronics testing has proven that the installation methods do not alter the high-performance of the antenna, as a result of the uniquely patented PEAR antenna design. System integrators and contractors have the flexibility to mount the antennas above, through or below suspended or hard ceilings. Now available to customers, PEAR antennas can be installed using an above ceiling mount for hard ceilings eliminating the need for a separate access hole.

“Unique to Galtronics’ PEAR antenna line, our installation options do not compromise system performance,” said Ephraim Ulmer, president and CEO of Galtronics Corporation Ltd. “We see the entire picture of the antenna installation, from understanding our customers’ unique environment to determining the right antenna for optimal coverage. Our ultimate goal is to please the building owner with an antenna solution that does not compromise the building’s interior design. We also strive to make the system integrators’ and installers’ jobs easier by enabling them to select and install the best solution for each facility. We do this by minimizing the number of antennas and offering ultimate mounting flexibility.”

PEAR in-building DAS mounting options offer installation flexibility for suspended and hard ceilings. In addition to the standard below ceiling mount, these include:

  • Through ceiling mount, for PEAR S4935 and M4969, conceals the antenna with only the nose protruding through the ceiling. The antenna base plate, responsible for the antenna superior gain, is hidden above the suspended ceiling. This type of mounting reduces the visible antenna size by more than 40 percent. No fasteners are required to install the antenna, and the installer needs to only cut a single hole.
  • Above ceiling mount, for PEAR M4772, M4969 and S4935, conceals the antenna completely from public view. The antenna is mounted on a plastic support and is placed on top of the ceiling tile. It is attached to the upper side of the ceiling tile with double-sided adhesive tape pre-attached to the mounting plate and three screws. The installation also does not require any holes drilled, making this an ideal antenna mounting for venue owners who are sensitive to the aesthetics of their ceiling.
  • Flush hard ceiling mount. The antenna is attached to a round plastic plate that is the only visible part of the antenna after installation, while the remainder of the antenna is located above the hard ceiling. Unique to this mounting, there is no need for an access hole to connect cables. The installer only cuts one hole into the hard ceiling, connects the cables and pushes the antenna through the hard ceiling. Spring clips on the side hold the antenna securely to the ceiling. The antenna can be concealed completely by painting, wall papering or plastering over the visible part of the antenna. This is especially important for ornate ceilings where the antenna can be hidden without impacting the look of the ceiling.

Retail, hospitality, and university campus buildings have architectural designs that place unique requirements on installers of ceiling fixtures. Most facility managers may also want to conceal the antenna or limit their visibility from public view to adhere to critical aesthetic plans. A recent in-building DAS installation at a high-end retail mall near Houston, Texas used PEAR antennas that were mounted to the ceiling in a way that blends into the building’s contemporary décor.

Historical buildings serving governments and municipalities also present unique concealment issues. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have construction requirements that maximize sanitation by limiting the number of perforations in a ceiling. Galtronics’ PEAR antennas with MIMO capability require fewer antennas, minimizing construction issues that present stringent installation limitations.

Further information on the Galtronics PEAR antennas for in-building DAS is available at Additional resources are also available on the Galtronics website, including data sheets, a product overview and specifications for each of the PEAR mounting options.

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SOURCE: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.