Galileo-EMT (ElectroMagnetic Toolkit) For Engineers

Source: IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A.
Galileo-EMT (ElectroMagnetic Toolkit) For Engineers

The GALILEO-EMT toolkit is a part of the IDS GALILEO SUITE and is designed to cover the gap between an efficient Maxwell equations solver and a professional tool for challenging real life industrial problems. 

The GALILEO-EMT toolkit provides solutions for many needs such as:

  • array analysis and design: dedicated CAD environment for array layout definition, unique acceleration methods for full-wave analysis of large arrays requiring minimum simulation time and computational resources, automatic layout and excitation extraction through aperture synthesis, synthetic modeling
  • radome qualification support according to applicable norms or user defined requirements: automatic thickness computation, diagnostic analysis to identify possible problems and the relevant solution, performance evaluation (e.g., radome classification, pattern distortion)
  • HIRF and lightning certification support: dedicated workflow for the definition of test set-up, equipment susceptibility levels, electromagnetic environment and lighting wave forms; interface to external cable analysis tools, specific post-processing function for an easy and immediate identification of possible hazardous situations on cable harness
  • space application: satellite thermal blanket effect on installed antenna radiation pattern, inter antenna coupling due to intermodulation products, plot earth, G/T, and more
  • link budget analysis: channel transfer function evaluation due to antenna/plasma interaction along the trajectory of a re-entry vehicle, communication link margin at specific platform locations.

The new toolkit has been validated by extensive physical testing campaigns both using IDS physical testing solutions and measured data from various projects; its efficiency and effectiveness are constantly updated to solve and meet the more and more demanding market needs.

For more features and benefits for using the GALILEO-EMT toolkit, download the GALILEO-EMT presentation.