GaAs MMIC I/Q Mixers

Source: Hittite Microwave Corporation
GaAs MMIC I/Q Mixers

These GaAs MMIC I/Q Mixers are ideal for applications involving point-to-point radio, point-to-multi-point radio, sensors, military radar, satellite communications, EW, and ELINT. Two different models are available in this series with frequency range coverage of 24-28 GHz, and 8-12 GHz.

HMC1063LP3E GaAs MMIC I/Q Mixer

This mixer features 10 dBm LO power, a wide IF bandwidth (DC-3 GHz), 21 dBc image rejection, 40 dB LO/RF isolation, and more. It covers the 24-48 GHz frequency range.

HMC1056LP4BE GaAs MMIC I/Q Mixer

This mixer has an 18 dBm IP3 input, 40 dB LO to RF isolation, a 25 dBc image rejection, and a wide IF bandwidth (DC-4 GHz).

Download the available datasheets for more information.