GaAs/GaN Power Doubler Hybrid Amplifiers

Source: Qorvo
GaAs/GaN Power Doubler Hybrid Amplifiers

The RFPD3210 and the RFPD3220 are new Hybrid Power Doubler Amplifier modules from Qorvo operating within the 45 to 1218 MHz frequency range. Features include excellent linearity, high return loss performance, extremely low distortion, and low noise.

These amplifiers employ both a GaAs pHEMT die and GaN HEMT die. The RFPD3210 model has a minimum gain of 22.2 dB at 1218 MHz, while the RFPD3220 has a minimum 24.5 dB gain at 1218 MHz. Each device is unconditionally stable under all terminations with extremely high output capabilities, and is optimized for 45MHz to 1218MHz CATV amplifier systems.

For more information on these hybrid power doubler amplifiers, download the available datasheets or click the corresponding links: RFPD3210, RFPD3220.