Full Fan-Out Splitter/Attenuator Matrices

Source: Mini-Circuits

Mini Circuits offers a series of “full fan-out” or “fully non-blocking” matrices using a combination of programmable attenuators and splitters/combiners that deliver a flexible set of paths between the input and output ports. The configuration is analogous to a switch matrix except any individual path can be “on” (0 dB attenuation), or “off” (max attenuation), or any specific path loss in-between.

All inputs for these matrices can connect simultaneously to all outputs, and all paths are bi-directional. They are housed in a 5U height, 19-inch rack chassis with SMA RF connectors on the front and rear panels. The system can be controlled via USB or Ethernet (supporting SSH, HTTP & Telnet network protocols), and full software support is provided.

For additional information on these fan-out splitter/attenuator matrices, download the available datasheets.