Front-End Modules With Integrated Duplexers For Cellular/Smartphone Applications

Front-End Modules With Integrated Duplexers For Cellular/Smartphone Applications

Skyworks offers new front-end modules (FEMs) with integrated duplexers for multiple cellular/smartphone applications including 2G/3G/4G multimode handsets, carrier aggregation, and embedded data cards. Each FEM features integrated broadband directional couplers enabling high efficiency, low insertion loss, high isolation, and excellent, low-band harmonic performance.

The SKY96001-11 and SKY96000-11 are antenna switch FEMS that operate with advanced switching and Tc-SAW filter technology. They also exhibit excellent 2nd/3rd order intermodulation distortion performance. The SKY78057-11 is a Tx-Rx FEM designed specifically for cellular handsets encompassing quad-band GSM/EDGE, dual-band TD-SCDMA, and TDD LTE. All of these devices use integrated MIPI® RFFE control with dual-standard support and are housed in small low profile packages.

For more information on the individual FEMs with integrated duplexers, download the available datasheets.

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