Datasheet | January 21, 2009

FM IF With Log Amplifier (NJM2232AM)

Source: Digi-Key Corporation

The NJM2232A is high precision FM IF IC with log amplifier, designed to be used for handy type wireless apparatus.

The NJM2232A includes in one chip of IC, at each block, the mixer, local oscillator, limitter amplifier, log amplifier, FM detector, and so on, with which set up the IF block of handy type wireless apparatus that requires high precision electronic detection.


  • RSSI features are excellent
    • Linearity - ±1dB
    • Dynamic Range - 90dB
    • Temperature - ±2dB
  • Low power dissipation (VCC=6V) - 5.2mA typ.
  • Operating voltage - 5 to 9V
  • Package Outline - DMP24
  • Bipolar Technology