Fischer Freedom™ Series LP360™ Connectors

Source: Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors offers the new Fischer LP360 connector as the first product of the Fischer Freedom Series. This connector facilitates integration, maximizes usability, and optimizes cable management for defense and security applications, even in the most demanding environments and conditions.

Eliminating the key code, this LP360™ connector offers 360° mating freedom for plugging and routing in any direction for use in smart vests. With no more twists and turns, these cables can be shorter in the kitted equipment, thereby reducing tangles, clutter, and excess weight. The cables are fully cleanable on both receptacle and plug sides. Cable free solutions are available through the integration of the LP360™ panel plug directly into the device’s housing.

Key Freedom™ Series LP360™ features:

  • Signal & power through 7 concentric-circle contacts
  • No key code for easy 360° mating freedom
  • Membrane-sealed surface contacts
  • Low profile and compact for easy and seamless integration
  • IP68 sealed to -20m/24h
  • Blind-mate, non-magnetic ball-locking mechanism
  • Robust stainless steel and brass design for longevity
  • Tested in line with MIL and IEC standards

Check out the videos below, or download the datasheet for more information on the Freedom™ Series LP360™ Connectors.

Fischer LP360™ Connector

Introducing the Freedom™ Series LP360™ Connectors

LP360™ Wearable Connector