News | December 21, 2020

Fibocom LTE Cat 1 bis L610-EU Module Has Successfully Obtained GCF/CE/NCC Certifications

Fibocom, a leading global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solution and wireless communication modules, announces its LTE Cat 1 bis module L610-EU has completed GCF/CE/NCC certifications certified by China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL), and become the world’s first LTE Cat 1 bis wireless communication module based on UNISOC 8910DM LTE Cat 1 bis chipset platform. The completion of the three critical certifications has evidenced that Fibocom LTE Cat 1 bis module L610-EU is officially and fully qualified for overseas supply.

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) certification is particularly important for entering the European market. At present, most regulatory agencies and operators worldwide, especially major European operators, will require manufacturers to complete GCF certification before entering the market. The successful completion of GCF and NCC certifications is inseparable from the support of Fibocom’s ecological partners UNISOC and CTTL. As the world's first laboratory to officially invest in 3GPP Cat 1 bis GCF certification, CTTL has provided rigorous certification services for the cooperation; and UNISOC, a high-tech enterprise with a mission of being the ecological bearer of the future digital world, provided the core chipset platform for Fibocom L610-EU.

Fibocom LTE Cat 1 module L610-EU is based on UNISOC Cat 1 bis chipset platform with industrial-grade quality, covering major European operator networks. It supports standard data transmission and Open CPU as well as VoLTE, audio, camera, Display, keyboard and other functions. With rich interfaces including USB / UART / SPI / I2C / SDIO, etc., it has empowered a wide range of IoT applications such as pan payment, sharing, industrial interconnection, tracking, in-vehicle equipment and other application scenarios.

Huang Yuning, Senior Vice President of UNISOC and General Manager of the Industrial Electronics Division, commented: “UNISOC 8910DM, as the world’s first Cat 1 bis IoT wide area chipset platform, has quickly become the benchmark for medium-speed IoT products with its advantageous technical specifications and technological maturity. The chipset platform has created many industry firsts since its release. Next, 8910DM will officially enter the European, Latin American and other overseas markets based on the large-scale commercial experience of medium-speed IoT products accumulated in the domestic market over the past year. I am very honored to cooperate with our ecological partners CTTL and Fibocom to create a successful launch of Cat 1 bis chipset in the overseas market. I look forward to this cooperation with fruitful results."

Wei Ran, Director of CTTL, said: “CTTL has been paying close attention to the evolution of medium-speed IoT technology and market development trends. We are optimistic that the Cat 1 bis technology, which is mainly promoted by terminal chipset manufacturers represented by UNISOC, can achieve great potential for commercial success on a global scale by virtue of a better compromise in terms of data rate, terminal cost and network transformation cost. CTTL is the world’s first certification institution to formally qualified for granting 3GPP Cat 1 bis GCF certification. We aim to help domestic manufacturers represented by Fibocom to participate in global competition with outstanding products. Meanwhile, it is also an important move for CTTL to become a comprehensive and large-scale inspection and test base for electronic information and communication equipment for domestic and international manufacturers.

Source: Fibocom Wireless Inc.