News | February 27, 2018

Ethertronics Debuts 802.11ax Wi-Fi Front End Module With Active Steering Technology

News Highlights:

  • 2X throughput and coverage improvement benefits
  • New Wi-Fi Front End Module plus Active Antenna System solution for Wi-Fi repeaters, mesh access points, and wireless clients delivers 802.11ax performance with benefits of Active Steering Technology
  • EC714 5 GHz Wi-Fi Front End Module solution delivers high performance and linearity for 802.11ax/ac applications

Mobile World Congress - Ethertronics, the leader in high performance antenna system solutions, recently announced the EC714 Wi-Fi Active Steering Front End Module (FEM), which provides a breakthrough 5 GHz Wi-Fi Front End Module solution for 802.11 ax/ac devices. The Ethertronics EC714 provides the world’s first 802.11ax Wi-Fi FEM with integrated Active Antenna technology, providing robust Wi-Fi RF performance and linearity required to support 802.11 ax/ac applications. Combined with Ethertronics’ patented Active Steering Antenna technology, this system delivers the 2x performance and coverage benefits in a flexible, cost-optimized solution.

The EC714 is the evolution of Ethertronics’ RF front-end and Active Antenna solutions portfolio and the world’s first product that combines high-performance Wi-Fi FEM functionality and Active Antenna support in a single integrated system solution. The unique combined capabilities of the EC714 provide an ideal solution for space-constrained Wi-Fi applications supporting 802.11ax/ac -class performance in challenging radio conditions.

“Ethertronics Active Steering system solutions are designed from the ground-up to enable operators and OEMs deliver consistent Wi-Fi throughput, capacity, and coverage throughout the home and enterprise,” said Laurent Desclos, Vice President and General Manager, AVX-Ethertronics Antenna Solutions Group. “With the launch of the Ethertronics’ EC714, we are delivering the benefits of a high-performance Wi-Fi FEM architecture designed to work synergistically with Active Antenna systems, in order to meet the stringent demands of next-generation 802.11ax services.”

Ethertronics’ new EC714 Wi-Fi Active Steering FEM is based on a breakthrough CMOS architecture, enabling the integration of an 802.11ax -class Wi-Fi FEM design with an advanced Active Steering engine into a single ASIC. This unique system architecture enables the EC714 to provide the RF performance and linearity required to support next-generation 802.11 ax/ac applications.

The EC714 Wi-Fi Active Steering FEM supports the complete set of RF-level performance requirements for 802.11ax/ac, including support for 160 MHz channel bandwidth at MCS11 in 5 GHz frequency bands. Combined with Ethertronics Active Antenna solutions, the EC714 provides a complete RF front-end system solution for a broad range of Wi-Fi applications, including clients, mesh networking and range extenders.

  • +18.5 dBm power output for high-performance 802.11ac applications (MCS9 / 80 MHz channel bandwidth)
  • Advanced CMOS architecture to meet the stringent performance and linearity requirements of next generation 802.11ax devices
  • MCS11 / 160 MHz channel bandwidth support for high-performance 802.11ax applications
  • Integrated Active Steering technology for up to 3dB of radio link margin gain with Ethertronics Active Antenna solutions

Ethertronics is currently sampling the EC714 Wi-Fi Active Steering FEM solution to lead customers and early access partners, broad availability planned for Q3 2018. Additionally, Ethertronics will be showing a live demonstration of the EC714 FEM at Mobile World Conference 2018 in Barcelona.

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