Empowering The 5G Revolution: Sky5™

Empowering The 5G Revolution: Sky5™

Sky5 is a suite of solutions designed to support 5G wireless communications and enable a multitude of new and previously unimagined applications across mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems. 

The new Sky5™ solution will address new 5G waveforms and spectrum, enhanced carrier aggregation, dual connectivity (4G/5G) and massive MIMO requirements while delivering unmatched levels of integration and performance.

The Sky5™ solutions will offer:

  • Enhanced Broadband Speed – broadband speeds will be 100x faster than existing 4G LTE
  • Massive IoT – 5G will enable and enhance connectivity for an estimated 75 billion connections by 2025
  • Mission Critical Services – 5G’s speed and reliability will enable applications such as autonomous driving and augmented reality
  • Infrastructure Upgrades – 5G will improve data throughput via wireless infrastructure, enabling 99.99% network reliability

Download the brochure for a brief overview on the Sky5™ Skyworks solutions, or click here to visit the webpage.

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