EMC Test Software

Source: AR

Testing for Radiated Susceptibility and Conducted Immunity is about to become easier and more intuitive, thanks to new software from one of the industry leaders. AR has redesigned its EMC testing software, adding new features and options, and greater ability to customize.

The new model, emcware, has an updated user interface that includes a new tab system that organizes all the features for quick, easy access; and makes selecting the pre-defined test standard much easier. Users also have the ability to create and easily edit parameters to create custom tests. The report-generating feature has been enhanced to offer more control and customization including detailed graphs and data tables. The emcware has the ability to control more equipment; it has additional set-up features; and new IEC calibration options.

Each module in the new emcware software is based on a different type of EMC testing, with pre-defined standards built-in; yet it is designed to easily create custom test standards.

Other new features include:

  • An Equipment Manager that enables you to enter equipment one time, then access that equipment from any module;
  • Notification when any of the equipment you've entered is approaching its calibration expiration date;
  • Large bandwidth tests are broken up by antenna bandwidths;
  • User-defined amplitude and frequency thresholding capability (supports MIL-STD 461 thresholding method);
  • Allows for up to two modulations in addition to CW per frequency;
  • Graphic display of RF path for easy test configurations and changes
  • Built-in searchable help file with step-by-step video tutorials
  • Includes MIL STD emissions capabilities, along with the radiated susceptibility and conducted immunity capabilities

AR is also updating the emissions testing section of the emcware software, and will be introducing those changes at a later date.