EM Probe Systems

Source: SPEAG (Schmid & Partner Engineering AG)
EM Probe Systems

Schmid and Partner Engineering’s line of Time Domain Sensor (TDS) probes are used to detect EMC/EMI, MRI, and antenna measurements.

These Time Domain Sensor (TDS) Probes, or EM Probes, feature the ability to capture full and complex signal information, a fully isolated sensor head, high sensitivity, a large dynamic range, large bandwidth, an active sensor design, a standard 50 Ohm RF interface, and more.

In antenna and microwave applications, these EM probes can be used to analyze problems in antennas and in microwave components. In EMC/EMI applications, they are ideal for board and chip level EMI/EMC scanning, sniffing, and analysis. In MRI applications, these EM probes are used for the mapping of the complex vectorial B1-field distribution or the phase and amplitude distribution along implants exposed to EM fields. Additional information can be found on the available datasheet.