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Launch Date: August 2015

Exclusive Editorial

Securing 21st Century Warfare's Most Valuable Asset — Information
The last decade has witnessed a virtual explosion in the development and global adoption of communications and information technology. While this era of swift, unprecedented technological advancement has conveyed innumerable benefits to civilian society, it also has ushered in a brand new set of challenges for the United States and other established military powers.

Polarimetric Imaging For Target And Threat Identification
Technological and theoretical advancements have polarimetric imaging poised to serve on battlefields in target and threat identification applications.

Fully Integrated Optical Beam Steering Chips
Photonics integration has the potential to enable low-cost, low-SWaP beam shaping and steering for a wide range of military applications — but can the technology make the leap from the lab to the field?

Multichannel Phase-Coherent Microwave Measurements: 5 Things To Consider
Engineers working on radar and electronic warfare systems should familiarize themselves with these key elements of phased array operation.

Tuning Image And Sensor Systems To Military Functions Using FPGAs
The use of high-level language (HLL) techniques makes it easier to tune FPGAs for specific projects.

Pushing The Boundaries Of Radar Test And Measurement
The development of increasingly powerful, complex radar systems requires an evolution in the tools and techniques used to test them.

Printed Energy Harvesters For Autonomous Military Applications
Energy-harvesting technology, produced with innovative printing methods, has the potential to improve soldiers' in-the-field capabilities while simultaneously trimming equipment weight and costs.

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