Electronic Countermeasure Solutions

Source: Teledyne Defense Electronics, LLC

Teledyne Defense Electronics is the proven source for mission-critical RF amplification. With over 50 years' leadership in improving TWT technologies, Teledyne provides multi-octave high power TWTs that maximize operational efficiency for Electronic Warfare/Electronic Countermeasure (EW/ECM) systems.

Reliability and Performance:

  • L through Q-Bands
  • Pulse, CW, and Dual Mode
  • Power levels that exceed OEM system requirements
  • Designed for operation in rugged airborne environments
  • Decades of proven service and support to US and Foreign militaries

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • World class engineering design group
  • Industry leading Multi Octave Broadband Designs
  • On Board, POD, and Decoy Qualified models
  • Scalable Designs to meet new threats
  • Years of Onsite Power CombiningExperience
  • Demonstrated high MTBF
  • On-time Deliveries


TMS Traveling Wave Tubes protect the Warfighter on virtually all EW/ECM systems.

TMS TWTs are an essential component of RF jammers that automatically defeat or degrade the tracking capability of hostile pulse radar, including surface-to-air and air-to-air radar guided threats. These aircraft protection systems defend the warfighter against ground-based and airborne fire control radar systems and missile threats, supporting diverse missions including strike, high altitude reconnaissance, close air support, and defense interception.

All ECM TWTs require an export license and are controlled military technology. Please contact TMS’s TWT business unit at 916-638-3344.