Eacon Field Terminated Microwave Cable Assemblies

Eacon Field Terminated Microwave Cable Assemblies

The Eacon field terminated microwave cables are lightweight, waterproofed, built for frequencies up to 18 GHz, and ready for use in the defense, aerial, and industrial markets. With the featured option of a retrofitted connector for simple cable installation in the narrowest cable ducts and precision cable cutting on site, the Eacon assemblies provide the distinct advantages for cramped spaces or when retrofitting microwave components.

The Eacon connector design in conjunction with a practical assembly kit creates simplicity in the assembly of a high-quality microwave connection. Key characteristics of these cable assemblies include extremely low loss, excellent return losses up to 18 GHz, and watertight to IP68. Benefits of using Eaton cables include time saving assembly, extreme reliability, and the ability to make on-site decisions regarding length and configurations.

For more information on this field terminated microwave cable, download the datasheet.