Datasheet | April 29, 2010

Datasheet: E-pHEMT MMIC - AE427

Source: RFHIC

AE427 is designed as low cost drive amplifiers for many applications including FTTH, CATV System. This MMIC is based on Gallium Arsenide Enhancement Mode pHEMT which shows low current draw and very low noise. The data in this spec sheet is valid only for 75 ohm application. 50 ohm data is in a separate spec sheet.

Product Features

  • Small size
  • 5MHz-1000MHz
  • Higher Gain
  • Higher linearity
  • SOT-89 SMD Type package
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • -56dBc CSO 135 Channels @ +30dBmV/ch
  • -71dBc CTB 135 Channels @ +30dBmV/ch
  • -70dBc XMD 135 Channels @ +30dBmV/ch