E-Band Diplexer

Source: MtronPTI

E-Band Diplexer

Traditional 6 to 42 GHz microwave bands are becoming crowded with rapidly growing mobile backhaul data streams. MtronPTI’s E-Band Microwave Diplexer enables gigabit-per-second data rates in backhaul, data consolidation and enterprise direct connect applications.

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E-band links from 71 to 86 GHz can deliver up to 10 Gbps secure data, even in a dense urban radio environment. MtronPTI E-Band Microwave Diplexers help by separating transmit and receive channels in the transceiver front end. Designed for very low insertion loss (<0.65 dB typical) in both high and low bands, this diplexer also has over 60 dB TX-RX isolation.


  • 71 – 76 GHz low filter bandwidth
  • 81 – 86 GHz high filter bandwidth
  • 10 GHz offset
  • 15 dB return loss
  • < 1.0 dB (0.65 dB typical) insertion loss
  • 60 dB TX/RX isolation
  • -30 to +70 °C operating range
  • 89 x 20 x 19 mm
  • WG26, R740, WR12 flanges


  • Small cell backhaul
  • Mobile broadband LTE backhaul
  • Fiber complement for infrastructure
  • Enterprise point–to–point radio links

For more information on MtronPTI’s E-band diplexer, download the datasheet.