Dual Polarized Crossed Notch Antenna: Model 94800568

Source: Cobham

Cobham offers the Model 94800568 dual linear, high-power, crossed notch antenna designed for applications operating over the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range. With a ratio of 9:1 bandwidth, this dual polarized antenna features a maxumim VSWR of 2.5:1 and <2.0:1 over 90% of the frequency range.

Additional features for the Model 94800568 include gain ranges between 5 and 10 dB, with a nominal of +8 dB. The port-to-port isolation is more than 20 dB and RF power is 500 watts CW at each port simultaneously. This antenna is suitable for high-power ECM applications, as well as for use in feeding reflector antennas, wide-band antenna arrays, and other broadband applications.

For more in-depth features and specifications on the Model 94800568, download the available datasheet.