Dual-Channel RF Record and Playback System

Source: X-COM Systems


This high-fidelity, dual-channel RF record and playback system features the widest bandwidth of any portable system of its kind and up to 165MHz of record and playback bandwidth per channel, making it capable of taking on recording applications from HF to mmwave in mission-critical systems.

Additional features of the IQC5000B Series include:

  • Widest bandwidth of any portable record & playback system
  • Low-cost, removable storage options
  • Time-synchronous dual channel recording
  • Fast offload speeds using cabled PCI Express
  • Compatible with Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, and Tektronix Signal Analyzers

With this record and playback system, you can record seconds, hours, or even days of RF data with 100% capture, trigger, and signal-of-interest marking functions, a search tool to identify unique signature and signal anomalies, and the ability to analyze the data to determine areas of interest for export into the simulation tool. From there, the tool can create new signal scenarios from real-world and simulated waveforms, and then offer replay functionality with the capability of regenerating signals at carriers up to 44 GHz.

For more information on the IQC5000B Series Dual-Channel RF Record and Playback System’s features and specifications, as well as its potential role in electronic warfare, interference analysis, surveillance, and spectrum management applications, download the datasheet.