Digitally Tuned Bandpass Filters: TF010x Series

Source: MtronPTI

Digitally Tuned Bandpass Filters: TF010x Series

The TF010x Series of digitally tuned bandpass filters from MtronPTI are designed to support frequency hopping in NATO HAVE QUICK IIA, Saturn, and similar secure radios, extending their range through lower passband insertion loss. These devices are able to clean up the transmit spectrum before reaching the final power amplifier, and block out-of-band energy from entering the receiver.

The TF010x filters create a narrow passband, centered on the current hop frequency, and extend the radio range through a lower passband loss than alternative solutions. This reduces any potential distortion within the high gain LNA and ensures that transmitter output energy does not leak into off-channel space, making these filters ideal for defense applications requiring secure communications.

TF010x Series Models:

  • TF0103 30 – 90 MHz
  • TF0105 200 – 400 MHz
  • TF0108 225 – 520 MHz

For more features and specifications on the TF010x series of digitally tuned bandpass filters, download the datasheet.