Digitally Tunable LC Filter: TF0113 Series

Source: MtronPTI

Digitally Tunable LC Filter: TF0113 Series (top)

MtronPTI’s TF0113 Series of Digitally Tunable LC Filters are found within Vehicle Adapter Amplifiers (VAA), and can dynamically manage the RF spectrum for clear, secure information, and enhance its safety features. When handheld and manpack radios are plugged into VAAs, they can reach a range of 40 km or more.

The TF0113 series is available in multiple frequency ranges and pin compatible with existing multi-channel digitally tunable filters. The series offers lower insertion loss, low IP3 distortion and flat passband ripple to make the most of dynamic digital RF modulation schemes.

Features Include:

  • 90 to 512 MHz, 500 tuning steps
  • 20 µs switching
  • 2.0 Watt passband power; best offering in the industry
  • ≤ 5.0 dB passband insertion loss
  • ≤ 1.5 dB passband variation

For more product features, specifications, and applications, download the datasheet.