Digital Frequency Discriminators/Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Receivers

Source: API Technologies Corp

Digital Frequency Discriminators/Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Receivers

These Digital Frequency Discriminators (DFDs) and Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Receivers (IFMs) are ideal for electronic countermeasures, signal intelligence, radar warning receivers, the capture of signal RF pulse events, and identification of frequency agile radar.

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These Digital Frequency Discriminators come in a wide range of designs that offer specific frequency band coverage, or a full 2-18 GHz range coverage. DFDs are well suited for low cost radar warning receivers, enhancing the identification of threat signals against dense non threat background signals, and sophisticated ESM and ECM receivers.

Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Receivers by api technologies use discrimination, channelization, or a combination of both techniques and feature high accuracy/resolution, low power, and short RF pulse capture.

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