Video | November 14, 2008

Video Demo: One-Port Waveguide VNA Calibration Using A Maury P7005E Precision Calibration Kit

Source: Maury Microwave Corporation
Imperfections exist in even the finest vector network analyzer (VNA) which, if uncorrected, will cause the VNA to yield less than ideal measurements. To avoid this, it is necessary to calibrate the VNA before using it to make measurements. This is done by measure known electrical standards with the VNA to reveal its inherent error factors. Error correction is then calculated in to compensate for these factors, thus ensuring that measurements made will accurately reflect the characteristics of the devices tested.

In this video Rocky Teressa of Maury Microwave takes you step-by-step through the procedure used to achieve an accurate pre-measurement calibration of a typical vector network analyzer using a Maury P7005E VNA Calibration Kit. He demonstrates how to perform a simple one-port VNA calibration to produce an error-corrected measurement of the sliding load in the kit, which results in a better calibration at higher frequencies, in terms of reduced directivity error.